About Us

Hum Lalitkala Munch is a voluntary cultural association, founded in 1999 that organizes several events throughout the year. Our sole purpose is based on the idea of serving the arts, cultures, heritage and communities. We strive our best to promote any kind of local arts and artists. We are very involved in the South Asian community and host events that cater to all age groups. We have a variety of events from talent shows, to Gujarati movies, musical shows, and Gujarati plays/dramas from India.

Our events are always qualitative so you can be rest assured that no matter which event you attend; you won’t be disappointed. We host these events with the objective of bringing the South Asian community together under one roof and being able to enjoy these various events and entertainment.

Sponsorship Benefits

Promote and showcase

You can present your brand, company, and products/services to our attendees and meet potential clients face-to-face. You’ll also be able to promote your brand, and interact with the people that’ll be attending the events which increases your brand awareness and gives you the maximum exposure.

Network and connect

These events are an excellent opportunity for you to network with the professionals of the Gujarati community and influential experts. There is significant coverage, buzz, and anticipation of these events so it’s an excellent chance for you to get your name out there.

Join our team!

We’re dedicated to making you a part of truly great events. We like to work together with various individuals and offer everyone the most out of these events. Our goal is to help each other out, and bring the Gujarati community together under one roof to enjoy these events.